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Shortmake Features !

Transform your

Ideas to script

Discover the magic of transforming your ideas into professional scripts! With Shortmake, your initial thoughts are turned into engaging scripts using advanced AI technology. Imagine effortlessly creating scripts that captivate your audience.

Add realistic

voice over

Bring your videos to life with realistic AI-generated voiceovers! Shortmake’s cutting-edge voice synthesis technology offers a range of voices that fit any style or emotion. Select a voice that matches your brand and let our AI integrate seamless narration.

Generate hight

image quality

Experience the highest quality in every frame! With Shortmake, elevate your videos with stunning visuals. Captivate your audience with sharp, clear, and beautifully rendered images.


Customize Your

Subtitle Look+23 Styles

Make every word count. Pick from 23 unique subtitle styles. Capture attention and make your message stick. Stand out with beautifully crafted and visually striking subtitles.

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No credit card required.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly does ShortMake do?

We use artificial intelligence to turn a simple idea into a complete video. We generate a script, a voice-over, select images or video illustrations, add subtitles and edit it all into a single viral video for tiktok or youtube Short. You can then automatically publish this video on YouTube and TikTok.

Can I customize the style of my video?

Yes, we provide options for customization to truly make your video your own. In our current beta version, you can personalize the voiceover, choose background music, edit the AI-generated script, and select the illustrations for the final video montage. We're actively developing more features to make your video creation experience on ShortMake truly unique.

Is ShortMake suitable for all types of video content?

Yes, ShortMake is suitable for all types of video content. Whether you want to create a video for your social media, a video for your website, or a video for your YouTube channel (Short) and Tiktok, ShortMake can help you create it.

What is the quality of the voice generated by AI?

ShortMake has developed a system that allows for the most realistic voices on the market. In our current beta version, we offer four different voices; two are hyper-realistic and two are standard quality. This gives you the opportunity to choose the voice that best fits your video content. Rest assured, the quality of the AI-generated voice will add a professional touch to your videos. video for your social media, a video for your website, or a video for your YouTube channel, ShortMake can help you create it.

How long does it take to generate a video with ShortMake?

It takes less than 8 minutes to generate a video with ShortMake. You can create a video in 1 simple steps. give an ideas and let ShortMake do the rest ✨ Your video will be ready in less than 8 minutes.

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